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Destroy the root - not just the symptom! It Will Never Form Again!

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"Just 1 teaspoonful of
Miracle Medical Powder
2 times a day for 6 weeks and

Dr.Mahadev Patil,
Karnataka Ratnashree (Vaidya) Awardee
Registered Medical Practitioner (Alternative Medicines)

Nippani, Belgaum, India
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My Dear Friend,

Do you suffer from excruciating kidney stone problem?

If you are suffering from the pain caused by kidney stones and if you are taking some treatment, you might not believe that it is easy to cure kidney stones.

Yes, it is really easy to dissolve kidney stones without operating. And rest assured that it will never appear again for the rest of your life!


Doctors recommended operation on my kidney. But I said no! For 2 years I did my own research to get rid of the horrible pain of kidney stones. I stumbled upon Patils (Mahadev Patil, 42 yrs and his father, 86 yrs).

Every single thing that they advised happened to me. They said it may take 6 weeks to get rid of my kidney stones. But it happened within 4 weeks! They are true people of their word.

I really, strongly, recommend this Ayurvedic medicine for anyone suffering from kidney stones.

Suzanne Alexander, California, US
(She is so happy that she recommends our medicine in her MySpace)


Open Surgery to remove kidney stones

Doctors can remove your kidney stones by open surgery on your kidney. Open surgery is very painful, especially post-surgery. You will need to be in the hospital for 6 to 9 days and you can usually resume your normal activities within 4 to 6 weeks.

But then why would people opt for surgery?

The reason is obvious. The pain during or post surgery is far better than the pain you go through with kidney stones!


Lithotripsy removes kidney stones

Lithotripsy treatment is better than open surgery. In this treatment, an equipment called lithotriptor, attempts to break up the kidney stones, using an externally-applied, focused, high-intensity acoustic pulse. However, there can be minimal collateral damage.


Home Remedy Reports (Ebooks sold online)

Few people are selling do-it-yourself guides to dissolve kidney stones (ebooks) on the internet. If it's so simple to dissolve the kidney stones, we - the traditional doctors - wouldn't have spent 40+ years on research! Such unproven home remedies may cause you undesired effects (either now or in the future)!

In the surgery or lithotripsy treatment or other home remedies, the kidney stones are just removed. The process of "stone formation" is not stopped. Hence, in any of the above-mentioned methods, there is no guarantee that KidneyStones will never appear again.


Miracle Medical Powder Destroys the Root Cause

Unlike any other medicine/treatment, Ayurvedic medicine does not directly target the symptom.

Hence our medicine does not really dissolve your kidneystones! Instead, it destroys the root cause and improves your immune system. This guarantees that you will never get kidney stones again in your life!


History of Our Medicine

In fact, there is no miracle in our medicine. It is pure science of life - Ayurveda, an ancient medical system originated in India!

My grandfather was a Vaidya (traditional Ayurvedic doctor) and an expert astrologer. My father learnt this science from my grandfather. My father practiced Ayurveda for more than 40 years before he expired. He developed (and improved) various medicines. More about us here!

40 years ago there were only 3 ingredients in our miracle medical powder. Today there are more than 36 ingredients in our medicine. They are carefully picked up from many ancient books on Ayurveda (that deal with kidney problems like Mootrakrichcha: Urine troubles, Moothra Aghaath: Urine attack and Moothra Ashmari: Urine stone).


How to use the medicine?

The exact instructions will be provided when you purchase the medicine. However, it is not very complicated.

Adults need to take 1 teaspoonful of our medicine, 2 times-a-day, for 6 weeks. Though there are no restrictions on food, it is recommended that until your kidney stones are dissolved, avoid the food that contain yeast and the junk foods.


How long does it take to cure kidney stones?

Our medicine dissolves Sodium Stones almost within 2 to 4 weeks. It takes little more time for the Calcium stones to be dissolved. Generally all types of kidney stones are dissolved within 6 weeks.

In our past experience 99% of the people were cured within 6 weeks. However, please note that the 6 weeks time is a rough estimation.


Any guarantee?

We are traditional doctors. In the past 30 years we have treated thousands of patients from the villages around Sankeshwar (our town). Every human is different and all kidney stones are not the same.

For some people within 2 weeks the kidney stones are dissolved. For others it may take upto 6 weeks. But we have always seen positive results.


Any side effect?

By eating apple or carrot, will you get any side effect?

Our medicine is just as safe as that. They are purely made of natural herbs, nuts, roots, etc. It can never give you any side-effect, as long as you don't take too much of it in one shot!


Forget Your Pain!


Yours truly & passionately,

Dr.Mahadev S. Patil
Cell Phone: +91-9481324768

P.S.: Our medicine dissolves Kidney Stones without any pain to you.

P.P.S.: Our medicine dissolves existing Kidney Stones and stops formation of new kidney stones.

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